A little bit about you...

Whether you're planning to marry at home or away it's so important to make your day about YOU!

From little personal touches, to surrounding yourself with the people that make you smile; your day is going to be pretty fantastic. The icing on the cake will be having somebody as relaxed as you to capture all of those special little moments...

You're not a fan of cheese (apart from maybe the edible kind) so you'll be pleased to know that neither am I; your couples portraits will be a really lovely time for the two of you to enjoy away from everyone else for a little while - just pretend that I'm not there with you...

It's also important to remember that the one thing we can't control is the weather... so strolling barefoot on a summers day or dancing in the rain if the heavens open, we'll be ready and excited to embrace it all! (Yep, me too)

So tell me a little bit about yourselves, what your plans are for your day and what brought the two of you together - I can't wait to hear from you!

Lots of love

Sam xxx


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