A little bit about me...

  • Duck Egg blue...I am literally a magpie when it comes to anything (literally anything) in that colour. Occasionally I'll step outside and realise that my top matches my shoes which match my glasses which match my bag...accidental colour coordination, honest...

  • My favourite place in the whole world is Italy; my happy place. My grandma was Italian and so I've grown up visiting the most beautiful parts of that country and I try and go at least once a year, otherwise I get Italy-sick! My dream is to one day own a gorgeous little house over there and spend my days eating pasta, drinking wine and loving the heck out of Italian life. Bellissimo <3

  • I am a hopeless romantic.

  • Wherever I go I love to visit old bookshops and libraries. Sitting with a good book and a nice cup of tea is definitely one of my favourite things to do.

  • I have two cats, Sausage and Pepper (my Little Pipsqueek. He has a moustache)

  • I am THE biggest Tom Hanks fan. If I met him one day my life would be officially made. I have all of his films on their own little shelf and the geek in me keeps them all in chronological order... My favourite film in all the world is Splash...

  • I sit and dream of adventures and travelling and try and fill my days with general loveliness

  • I love cheese. And hot chocolate. Handing me either of those when I'm down is sure to make me feel instantly better.

  • I will always always go for a hug rather than a handshake :-)


So, why would I be the photographer for you?

Well, I love being able to create something really special; I absolutely adore quirky and personal and fun! I will most definitely get emotional, probably even before the 'I do's' and I will love the day almost as much as you. I will always have my (duck egg blue) wellies in the boot of my car in preparation for whatever the weather might throw at us - if you're happy to get wet then so am I. I actually stepped into a pond during my first ever wedding (I was unfortunately not wearing my wellies at the time) I then had to squelch my way through the wedding party to change into a pair of flip flops for the rest of the day! 

Many of my gorgeous couples have said I must be the best hide and seek player ever...you will hardly know I'm there. That's so important to me and I will be as unobtrusive as physically possible.

I've been so lucky to have been involved in some pretty amazing weddings so far, in the UK and also abroad, and I absolutely cannot wait to meet some more beautiful couples and be a part of your special day! 

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