eudaemonia (n) the contented happy state we feel when we travel

There are so many places in this beautiful world that I'm yet to visit. I grew up traveling around the UK and Europe with my parents, two brothers and our trusty old trailer tent - it was the best! Because of that, we have all fallen in complete and utter love with travel and adventure. My family are never in the same place, there are frequent airport pick up's and drop off's and weekly updates to see where in the world everyone is. It really is amazing!

So I have a bucket list. A list of places I wish to see, revisit, explore and experience... and it would make it extra special if I could also document it through my work (that's where you come in!)

If you are planning your wedding or elopement in any of the places below I would be so happy if you got in touch with me. 

Have a look on the list... you never know, there might be some extra inspiration for you too! 

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  • A Scottish Loch/Highlands elopement ✔ (You can see two amazing Scottish elopements here and here)

  • Venice

  • Rome

  • New York

  • Positano ✔ Booked for 2020!

  • Paris

  • Malta ✔ (You can see that beautiful Limestone Heritage Park wedding on my blog)

  • Portmeirion, Wales

  • Morocco

  • New Zealand

  • Grand Canyon National Park

  • Florida

  • Aynhoe Park, Oxfordshire

  • The Lost Orangery at Euridge Manor, Chippenham

  • The Roman Baths, Bath

  • Libraries! Are you getting married in a library? It is my ultimate dream to visit as many libraries around the world as possible!

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